The Fastest Guitarist in History according Rolling Stone Magazine

The prestigious Rolling Stone Magazine recognizes Davide Lo Surdo as The Fastest Guitarist in the History of Music for his ability to play 129 Notes in 1 Second.

– On December 10th 2021, Rolling Stone Magazine publishes an article writing:

“The fastest guitarist in history, Davide Lo Surdo manages to play 129 notes per second”.

During an interview with Rolling Stone, Davide said: “Being known for the speed, helped me to do more things in music. As I told you, I always played faster and faster. That came naturally to me”.

– On December 8th 2022, Rolling Stone Magazine publishes an article writing:

“Davide Lo Surdo: the fastest guitarist in history releases a new song

Davide Lo Surdo , the fastest guitarist in history, released his new track, “ Full Emersion ,” last Sunday, 04.”

129 Notes in 1 Second

This record is a sequence of 5 different arpeggios based on the first three strings (E – B – G) using the sweep picking technique.

This record has been recorded using software connected to special audiovisual devices and certificated at Sanremo Music Awards event on December. 20th 2019 at Hilton Hotel in Venice,Italy.

Davide performs this record at each of his concerts around the world playing seated with a classical guitarist position.